Sassa Status Check – SRD Status Check Online

Do you want to Check Sassa Status? If your answer is yes then here is a complete guide about the Sassa Status Check, SRD Sassa, and SRD R350 Application.

In simple words, the SASSA Status check can be defined as the process that allows beneficiaries to check out their SASSA SRD status. For instance, say you are a new applicant and wish to check out your Social Relief of Distress Grant SASSA Status, then you can visit the respective SRD Status check portal to get the desired information.

Similarly, the status check may also refer to the status of the social grants that are to be paid to their beneficiary. In other words, beneficiaries can check out whether their SRD has been paid or is still pending or declined by the respective authority.

If you want to check your SASSA Status then you will need to know the following procedure. Check out each of the following steps which can help you successfully check your SASSA Status online.

How to Check Sassa Status? | SRD Status Check Online

The applicants once submit their SRD application now the verification process will begin by the SASSA. This is called SASSA VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION PROCESS.

Your Name, surname, and ID Number will be verified with the department of home affairs data. The ID number will be matched with UIF, SARS, and NSFAS databases. Once the verification is done then your application will be approved or declined with reason.

To check Sassa Status you need to follow the given steps that will help you to easily check SRD application status.

STEP 1. To check your Sassa status you need to visit the SRD website that is

STEP 2. Now under the application status tab click on the Check Status.

STEP 3. Now you will redirect to the Sassa Status Page.

STEP 4. Now enter your ID Number and Phone number.

Sassa Status Check
Sassa Status Check

STEP 5. Next click on the Submit Button.

STEP 6. Once you click on Submit your application status will be displayed.

Sassa Status CheckCheck Here
Sassa Status URL

The second method is to check your SASSA Status via WhatsApp. To check it through WhatsApp send a message to 082 046 8553.

The toll-free call center number is 0800 60 1011.

What is SRD?

SRD is an abbreviation of Social Relief of Distress Grant distributed under the SASSA Department of Social Development, Government of South Africa. Under this scheme, beneficiaries are provided with social grants under different categories.

The primary objective is to support such individuals with financial aid which is provided on a monthly basis. However, such grants are available exclusively for beneficiaries that qualify under official eligibility criteria as propounded.

Here is the list of Grants provided by the government under the SASSA scheme.

  • Child Support
  • Care dependency.
  • War Veteran Grant.
  • Older Person’s Grant.
  • Disability Grant.
  • Foster Child Grant.
  • Grant In Aid.

What are the qualifying criteria For Sassa SRD R350?

Although, the benefits of social grants distributed by SASSA are an open case, were to become a beneficiary of such schemes the applicants should fall under the following criteria that are:

  1. Citizens of South Africa, Permanent residents, refugees registered on the home affairs database and persons who have special permits under the Special Angolan Dispensation, the Lesotho Exemption Permit dispensation, and the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Dispensation, and asylum seekers whose section 22 permits or visas are valid or were valid on 15 March 2020.
  2. The applicant must be residing within the border of the Republic of South Africa.
  3. Applicant age should be above 18 and below 60.
  4. Your employment status must be: Unemployed. Not receiving any unemployment insurance benefits.
  5. Not receiving any stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.
  6. Not receiving any social grant.
  7. Not receiving any other government COVID-19 support.

Required Details for SASSA Application (SRD Application)

Here are the required details of the SRD status check for r350. Before applying or filling out your SRD application you need all details.

  • Confirmation that the applicant has read and accepted the clauses in the Declaration and Consent Documents.
  • Employment Information
  • Personal Details
  • Mobile Number
  • Address
  • Banking Information

SRD Grant Application Process – Step By Step Guide

To apply for the SRD Grant you need to choose an application channel from Whatsapp, the SRD website, and SASSA Chatbot. To check your SRD status check online first you need to complete your SRD grant application.

STEP 1. Choose an application via the SRD website. Visit and tap on click here to apply online. Now enter your number and click on Send SMS. You will receive a 6 Digit OTP, enter the OTP and click on Verify.

STEP 2. Now agree on the terms and conditions. Read and consent to all your documents.

STEP 3. Now provide your personal details such as ID Number, Name, Sur Name, Address, Gender, etc. Provide all the details as it is printed on the ID card.

STEP 4. The next option is to choose your payment option or submit bank details. If you are a new applicant then provide your bank name, account number, branch name, account type, and bank details. Another option is you can choose a Cash payment option. OR If you are an existing client then confirm existing banking details and click on submit.

STEP 5. After completing step 4 you will receive an SMS On your mobile number. The message will be like Application ID: 234567, 88…081. SASSA confirms successful update of banking details for BANK NAME. Your SRD R350 Grant application is now active.

How to Fill SRD Application Via Whatsapp?

The SRD board provided you with 3 ways to submit your SRD grant 350 application form. If you want to apply for it via the WhatsApp method then here are the steps that will help you easily fill out your application form.

  • Step 1. Send WhatsApp message to 082 046 8553.
  • Step 2. Now you will get a message from the chatbot and will ask to provide personal details.
  • Step 3. Next, you will receive a reference number, OTP, and website link.
  • Step 4. Click on the link and enter the OTP you received. Next click on the verify option.
  • Step 5. Now provide your Name, Surname, ID, and other required details.
  • Step 6. Now agree on the terms and conditions.
  • Step 7. Provide other personal details like Name, address, and gender, and Choose your Banking details. At last click on Submit.
  • Step 8. Now you will get an SMS on your mobile about your application.

Reconfirm Your Grant Application – SRD R350 Application

The rule for reconfirming your gran application is that every applicant needs to reconfirm their application in the 3 months. Once you reconfirm your application then it informs the SASSA that applicants still need the R350 grants. Also, it indicates that the applicants qualify for the grants in terms of the SASSA regulations.

Now if you are looking to reconfirm your gran application then here is the process to check it easily. The credentials you need to reconfirm the grant applications are your ID number and mobile number.

Here are the steps to check it on the Sassa Status website.

  1. Visit the Sassa Status portal i.e.
  2. Now scroll down the homepage and click on reconfirm your grant application.
  3. Now a new tab will open.
  4. Now here enter your ID number and Mobile number
  5. At last click on the Send SMS.
Reconfirm Your Grant ApplicationClick Here

Sassa Status – SRD R350 Application Status

There is various Sassa status in the R350 Application and all the Status have their own meaning. Here is the complete list of all the Application statuses that an applicant goes through.

In the below table, you will get Sassa status details and a guide about what you need to do in that particular state.

StatusMeaningWhat You Need To Do
Application completeApplicants completed the reapplication process. Now the applicants will be verified each month for the SRD R350 grant.Check payment status and verification details each month on the official website of SASSA i.e.
Bank Details PendingApplicants’ application or reapplication was received, but no banking details or other preferences were received.You need to submit your banking details via the SASSA website i.e.
Reapplication PendingRe-application not received. It means your application was not received by the board. Submit your application via the SASSA Status website i.e.
Period (e.g. May)
Your Re-application was received successfully but the Verification of the application for the period is pending.Check back the status later in the month for an update. Visit the link for an update i.e.
Period (e.g. May) ApprovedThe application was approved for the period.Check the payday field for an indication of when they will receive their money. If no Payday value is provided, no payment has been processed as yet.
Period (e.g. May)
The application was declined
for the period and the reason
for the decline will be provided to you.
Submit a request for reconsideration if you feel that the reason is invalid.
Canceled The grant is canceled.If you wish to reinstate the grant then visit the
SRD Grant Website

How Do I Change My Banking Details?

For all the registered applicants who want to change or update their Bank account on the SRD grant portal then here you will get a complete guide about the Bank details.

All the Approved beneficiaries can update Sassa SRD R350 Grant banking details in a few steps.

  1. Visit the portal.
  2. Now scroll down the page and enter your ID Number under the How do I change my banking details.
  3. After entering the ID click on Submit. Next, you will get an SMS with a link to your registered mobile number.
  4. Click on the link and follow the instruction.
  5. Select a bank account and update the bank account details.
  6. New banking details will only be used for future payments, after verification.

NOTE: When you enter the bank account then make sure you are the owner of the Bank account. Because SASSA can not pay you to grant to another person’s bank account.

Also, remember that if you choose money transfer via one of the major banks, please make sure the mobile number is registered in your name.

How to update Names and Surname At SRD Application?

For applicants who fill out the SRD application form and fill the details incorrectly then, SRD Grant provides you an option to update or Name or Surname details. The Sassa Status website helps its clients to update their all details if they entered the wrong details.

As you know entering the wrong details can decline your application form. So it is important to fill in the details correctly. In case you entered the wrong details by mistake then you have an option to update it.

Follow the given simple instructions to update your name and surname.

  • Visit the Sassa Status Check portal that is
  • Scroll down the page and enter your ID Number, Name, and Surname under the Request Names and Surname Update.
  • After entering the details click on the Submit.
  • Your name and surname will be updated if it matches your details on the Department of Home Affairs database.

NOTE: Please ensure that your ID number, Name, and Surname are the same as it appears in your South African Green ID document or Smart ID Card.

How do I change my contact details at Sassa SRD?

SRD applicants who want to change the communication and web application access related to COvid 19 SRD R350 grant can do it easily by following the guide. For all the applicants who are facing issues with their contact details and want to update the Sassa SRD contact details then here is the guide about the contact update.

  1. By following the given guide you can easily change your cellphone number and email address.
  2. Visit the Sassa SRD website that is
  3. On the homepage, you will get the change contact details option at the bottom.
  4. Click on update cellphone or email address.
  5. Now on the next page enter your ID number and Application ID.
  6. Next click on Submit.
Update SRD Contact DetailsClick Here

NOTE: SRD will verify your ID Number and 6 Digit application ID that is issued to you on the application or reapplication time. You can only submit one request in 24 Hours period.

How to Check SASSA Balance?

Beneficiaries who are unaware of their SASSA balance can check it out if they want to just by taking simple steps. You can check your SASSA balance on your mobile or at the ATM. Below, instructions have been provided for the respective options, so you can select the preferred method to check your SASSA Status balance.

  • To check your SASSA Balance on your mobile you need to
  • Text the word “SASSA” to 082 046 8553.
  • Then reply with “STATUS”.
  • Reply “Yes” if you have the reference number.
  • Then you need to reply with your registered mobile number.
  • Reply with your reference number.
  • Finally, you will receive your SASSA balance details.

In order to check your SRD SASSA balance at an ATM what you need to do is:

  1. Go to an ATM.
  2. Insert your SASSA Card.
  3. Type in your PIN.
  4. Then choose Transaction.
  5. Select the Check Balance option.
  6. Your balance details will be displayed on the screen.

SASSA Customer Support

For general inquiries, concerned individuals can visit the SASSA support portal and get the necessary information. However when an individual is going through some difficult issues then in such cases the SASSA customer support can be contacted by the concerned individual.

It is relatively easy to contact the support center, provided the applicant has the correct contact details. And if that is not the case then do not worry because you can get the contact number if you take a look down below.

SRD SASSA Customer Support Contact Number:  0800 601 011.

SASSA Status Portal Benefits

The SASSA portal is imperative with respect to the online facilities that are available for SRD SASSA applicants, or approved beneficiaries. It is due to this portal such schemes have been able to reach as many individuals as possible who are in dire need of such grants from their respective governments.

This portal happens to be the core site where applicants can find all the necessary facilities that allow them to apply for SRD SASSA grants, or check SASSA status, among others. Here are some of the points that can clarify the benefits of the SASSA portal.

  • It is an online platform, so interested applicants can visit the portal 24/7.
  • The portal is managed by a government institution, making it credible and trustworthy.
  • At the portal, visitors will be provided with a number of facilities, tools, and features.
  • Visitors will be provided privacy, along with a secure connection facility.
  • You can manage your SRD SASSA Personal profile as you prefer.
  • You can check your SRD R350 Status online on the Sassa Portal.


Why my SASSA Status is Pending?

Usually, when your SASSA status is pending, it basically means that your grants for application have not been approved yet. Pending applications take about 7 days to be approved. However, in some cases, it may take additional time.

With that being said if your application is still pending after weeks, then it could be the result of certain issues. Here are some of the reasons which could be why your personal SASSA status is still pending and has not been approved.

1. Due to the applicants being ineligible for the SASSA grants.
2. If the applicant is already availing of other benefit schemes provided by the government.
3. In case the individual fails to provide necessary details.
4. Finally, if the applicant has not completed the application process.

How to Access SRD SASSA Gov Login?

If necessary you can gain access to your SRD SASSA account, however not without following the established procedure.

As a matter of fact, without adherence to these guidelines not a single individual can log in to their personal account. Therefore, for SRD SASSA gov login follow the instructions given below.

1. Visit the SRD SASSA Gov portal at
2. Enter your Username and Password.
3. Click on the Login option.
4. Finally, your login should be complete and you should have access to your account.

How can I collect my R350 Grant from the post office?

When your R350 grant has been approved you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile. Once you receive the SMS you can choose to receive your grant from the post office. Usually, the grants are paid after the 10th of each month.

To receive your grant you need to visit your respective post office and then provide the necessary details. Beneficiaries can also opt to transfer the grant from the post office to their personal bank account. In order to do so, you are going to need your personal banking details registered with SRD SASSA Gov.

How to reinstate a canceled application?

Applicants who by mistake canceled their SRD SASSA online application can request for SRD SASSA to reinstate of canceled application. So, in such a situation you can simply submit a request to reinstate by;

1. Visiting the SRD SASSA Portal.
2. Scroll down at the end of the homepage.
3. Here click on the option Click Here to Reinstate.
4. You are then redirected to a new page.
5. Enter your Id number and Phone Number.
6. Click on Send Pin.
7. You will then receive your Pin.
8. Validate the Pin and reinstate your application successfully.


SASSA is short for South-African Social Security Agency which was established as a national agency in the month of April 2015. Created as a government body the agency functions under the Department of Social Development, Government of South Africa.

The primary priority of SASSA is to distribute social grants, in the name of the Department of Social Development. As per Schedule 3A of the Public Finance Management Act, SASSA is a public entity. Now, other than payment of social grants, application processing, beneficiary verification, disbursement, payment, etc. also falls under the gambit of the SASSA.

SASSA distributes different types of grants namely, older person’s grants (old age pension), Child support grants, Care dependency grants, grants in aid, war veteran’s grants, Foster child grants, disability grant, and social relief of distress, grants.

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